Quality of Dementia Care

Most often, after an initial diagnosis of Alzheimer's or a related dementia illness, families are faced with difficult decisions about providing care for their loved one. Working parents with children are faced with new stresses to balance work and family. Families who are separated by great distances must make hard choices about how to provide dementia or Alzheimer’s care services. Sometimes nursing homes or special care retirement centers seem to be the only options. You do have a choice and we can help. Everything that an Alzheimer’s disease patient has ever learned eventually fades from memory. People with the disease gradually forget how to speak, how to act, how to dress, even how to eat. As the judgment and ability to care for self deteriorate, family, friends, and medical professional's must take responsibility. With the right approach, you can vastly improve the quality of life of an elder with dementia. Trebor is an organization with a new vision and our name reflects our commitment to health and care. Our philosophy for each patient is that you are the one that matters.
Every single person who works at Trebor is responsible both individually and as a team to ensure we create an environment where our residents will enjoy staying. Feedback We will be requested from seniors and their guardians at every stage to make sure their individual needs are being met. We will draw on the expertise of our staff to improve their overall daily experience.
Only by working together successfully can we truly deliver the kindest care experience possible.

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