Combat Elderly Care Stress

Families provide 80% of the long-term care in this country and that number continues to grow. It is stressful being a caregiver for an elderly loved one, no matter how much you may love them. There is a significant amount of disruption to your life and schedule, as well as the worry and sorrow of watching someone become more and more helpless. There are also feelings involved with elderly care including frustration and guilt. There are some ways to combat the stress of elderly care including getting help and support, maintaining your health, and staying up to date about the loved ones health and care. Maintaining your personal health is important in helping you deal with the stress of elderly care. Getting proper nutrition, rest and exercise allows for your stable physical and mental health. Neglecting your health problems will allow stress to catch up with you easily. You will not continue to be a strong caretaker if you put your needs last.
This can lead to emotional exhaustion and illness. Understanding and communicating your feelings is also part of maintaining your health. There are fewer negative effects of stress for people who admit their feelings and express them. It is important to stay organized and have awareness about the details of your loved one's care. You should be aware about legal matters, finances and support services, and have knowledge about the patient's medical condition. This helps the day to day process move along more smoothly, so that you do not become overwhelmed with logistics. In case of an emergency, a list of your loved one's doctors, hospital, pharmacy and medication should be on hand to make an urgent situation less stressful.

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