About Us

Trebor Alzheimer’s and Senior Support Center was founded by Margarett Baltimore, a retired Space and Utilization Management Specialist with the Department of State for 35 years. Margarett is also the proud mother of two children and three grandchildren. Along with her family responsibilities, Margarett is a strong advocate for improving social services for residence in her community of Prince George’s County Maryland.

In 2003, Margarett’s husband, Robert, was diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. This news inspired her to learn more about the disease and how to best care for her husband, a retired Navy Veteran. As Margarett continued to work and conduct her research for caregiver supports, she quickly garnered that there were few local resources that addressed the needs of minorities and veterans afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and those spouses or family members who are providing full time care.

Margarett’s mantra has always been “don’t complain, do something about it.” She did not want caregivers to struggle and succumb to stress with caring for their loved ones while working and taking care of the day-to-day family responsibilities. Thus, in 2014, Margarett established a non-profit, 501c3. She continues to work towards her mission to open an adult day care center she has lovingly named Trebor Alzheimer’s and Senior Support Center, as a tribute to her husband, Robert.

Trebor Alzheimer’s and Senior Support Center (TASSC) is an adult day care service providing a comfortable, safe, caring and engaging environment for senior guests while their caregivers work, and/or take care of day to day family responsibilities. Trebor also provides education and counseling to families on the aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and its stages. The elderly guest of TASSC will receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch as well as participate in many engaging program activities provided such as:

green_arrow Arts and Crafts Workshops

green_arrow Music Therapy Workshops

green_arrow Movement and Exercise Workshops

green_arrow Assorted Table Games

green_arrow Sewing and Quilting Workshops

green_arrow Cognitive/Memory Exercises