Doing things we enjoy gives us pleasure and adds meaning to our lives. People with Alzheimer’s need to be active and do things that give them fulfillment. Being active helps people with Alzheimer’s feel better. Trebor Alzheimer’s and Senior Support Center is actively exploring new and innovative ways of providing quality of life to our seniors. Our purpose is to provide a community where seniors choose to continue lives of meaning and purpose. Those who stay at Trebor are supported by consistent compassionate staff that know them as individuals, listen and understand their unique needs. Quality of life truly results from a commitment to senior centered care where individuals experience dignity and respect in their daily lives.

Stay Healthy
Many actions lower the risk of the disease and boost overall health and well being. As we learn more about the role health plays in Alzheimer’s disease risk, health experts encourage all adults to:

green_arrow Exercise regularly.

green_arrow Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and

green_arrow Engage in social and intellectually
stimulating activities.

green_arrow Control type 2 diabetes.

green_arrow Lower high blood pressure levels.

green_arrow Lower high blood cholesterol

green_arrow Maintain a healthy weight.

green_arrow Stop smoking.

green_arrow Get treatment for depression.

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